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Nightshade Discord Server
At the suggestion of a few other game developers, I've decided to put together a Discord server about the projects I've worked on. If you're interested in talki...
Demo v8 Release
It's been a long time since it was first promised, but character art has come to Blooming Nightshade in Demo v8! Here are the changes in this version: All exist...
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Character Illustrations Coming Soon!
It's taken a lot longer than expected, but character portraits are coming to Blooming Nightshade! The character designs by Hiragi-HOUX have been turned into ful...
Demo v7 Release
Demo v7 is now available to download! The new features include: A new set of weekly events added to each segment of the game. These include events that can lead...
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Working toward release version, p4
Only a few weeks left to this year's Yuri Game Jam, and once again I've fallen a bit behind in working on the game. However, I do have some updates to bring up...
Demo v6 Release
Demo v6 is now available for download! This is the first of hopefully several updates to the game to add in the originally planned update content and a few new...
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Working toward release version, p3
It's been a while, but since I need to wait on art for my main project and this year's Yuri Jam is coming up, I decided to try to put some more work into this g...
Working toward release version, p2
Demo v5 is now available to download! This version includes a lot of tweaks that have been worked on since the last build. A lot of the changes were mentioned i...
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