Release v11 Update

While things start to wrap up for Eldritch University, I've been looking into what can be done for Flowering Nightshade and my other future projects. In the process of doing some GUI cleanup for that game, I decided to port some of the improvements and changes back to Blooming Nightshade as well.

The major changes in this update include:

  • A new title screen that hopefully feels less bland.
  • The "Start" option opens a story selection screen, like in Flowering Nightshade. After finishing the prologue, the other stories can be started from this menu instead of playing the prologue again or skipping it. This screen has also been updated to show the face of the character associated with each story.
  • The file menus have been modified to be less reliant on pages. Now there are just 2-3 pages: Main, Auto, and (on PCs) Quick. Each page has 12 slots, which are accessed via scrolling. NOTE: This means that saves past the first page from previous versions may not be visible after updating to this version.
  • The preferences menu has been renamed "Config" to fit with some of the other spacing changes. The menu should also be easier to use on phones now, since it makes better use of the space rather than trailing off the screen.
  • The PC quick menu bar has been rearranged to include more options, and the quick menu text is bigger on all devices.
  • The ability to set text background and font has been brought over from Flowering Nightshade.
  • All of the character portraits have been re-exported at a higher resolution. This can cause some strange resizing artifacts when the window is too small, but will improve the maximum quality of the character art when in fullscreen mode (based on the resolution of the device).

Some examples of the changes:

Also, while I don't have any current plans for translations for the game, I've been looking into how they could be handled. If there's an interest, I could potentially work on ways to include translations for the game:

The downside of this update is that the download section is starting to get crowded, so for now I'm going to trim down the number of versions to the most recent versions of the game. I'm not going to delete v9 or v10 right now, but some of the downloads for those versions may be disabled for the time being.

Otherwise, I hope everyone enjoys the update!


Blooming Nightshade v11 (APK) 59 MB
Apr 30, 2020
Blooming Nightshade v11 (PC-MAC) 64 MB
Apr 30, 2020

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hey, i just played Atsuko route on steam, just wanted to say it was really cute, thanks for the story :D

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!