Release v12 Update

It's been a while since this game got an update, but the next milestone for Flowering Nightshade is fast approaching and I felt like it was time to bring some of the improvements back to this game. One of the biggest changes this time is the replacement of the old music tracks with custom music, but there's also some new art for the menus and other minor fixes.

The major changes in this update include:

  • New art for the title screen and story selection menu
  • GUI changes ported from Flowering Nightshade
  • Music replaced with custom tracks by JadeVater (from Eldritch Academy, Eldritch University, and Flowering Nightshade)
  • (Android) Toggle for game layout (portrait or landscape) on title screen

I hope people enjoy the changes from v11. I'll try to get the next version of Flowering Nightshade out in the near future, but until then, I hope you enjoy this game!


Blooming Nightshade v12 (APK) 91 MB
May 09, 2021
Blooming Nightshade v12 (PC-MAC) 118 MB
May 09, 2021

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This shouldn't affect too many people, but I just uploaded a hotfix for the Android build of the game. One of the required files for the layout-swapping wasn't updated properly before, but everything should be good in the new file.