Potential Major Changes for v10

After looking over feedback for the game from the Steam launch, I've been considering making a major revision of the game to try to make the story and characters feel more consistent. Since this is such a big change, I figured it might be a good idea to explain what exactly would be different in the new version of the game.

  • Randomized weekly events would be removed, most of them combined into route storylines.
  • Date choices would be removed. Instead, the player would select a route to follow at the end of the prologue. (Because of this, the player can skip the prologue after seeing it once.)
  • Route storylines would become more linear, going through 12 events before moving to the ending events. These events would include:
    • The 6 original date events.
    • 3 sidepair events involving the route character. (The third is replaced by a generic event if Himeka is dating the route character.)
    • 1 minor sidepair event involving the route character.
    • 1 new event.
    • 1 event that is adapted from a weekly event or a new event.
  • Each sidepair would now be connected to a route involving one of the characters. A sidepair cut from the original game will be added. (If Himeka is dating the route character or makes certain choices, the sidepair will not become a couple.)
  • Afterstories will automatically play after the credits if Himeka is dating the route character.
  • Jealousy/cheating events would be removed entirely. As the player cannot start multiple romances, they would be unnecessary.
  • At least initially, the scene gallery will be removed. As the routes will be much simpler, the scene gallery may not return.

Due to these changes, the game flow would look something like this:

  • Prologue events
  • Route selection (choose which character to focus on)
  • Romance decision (start dating the route character or stay friends)
  • Sidepair decision (route-specific choice that determines whether the sidepair becomes a couple)
  • Ending choice (romantic ending or normal ending)*
  • Afterstory (if Himeka is dating the route character)

* - The option to play the normal ending may be removed if Himeka is dating the route character.

Because these would be fairly major changes to the game, I'll probably keep v9 available even if I go through this revision process. That way, anyone who is not comfortable with the changes can keep the original version of the game.

I believe that's all I have to say for now. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions about the game and this potential update. Otherwise, I hope people enjoy the game, whatever form it takes.

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I think it looks good, a lot of big improvements! Keep going!