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As Himeka gets wrapped up in the daily lives of her friends and classmates at Solana Academy, will she find the romance she seeks?

Originally created for the Yuri Game Jam, Blooming Nightshade is a lighthearted romance story where Himeka gets to know her friends better, potentially finding love in the process. After a brief introduction to the characters, the player picks a character to focus on, learning about her interests and troubles as Himeka befriends her.

This game was originally developed to be played on Android phone devices in portrait orientation. (Some phones may have display troubles on the first few bootups; use the double-sided arrow button to swap the layout until one that fits your screen properly displays. This may require several reboots.) The game may also be played on PC with a modified version of the landscape orientation GUI.

This game now has a sequel: Flowering Nightshade


  • Free (with optional donation)
  • 6 love interests for Himeka to get close to
  • Friendship and romance paths for each girl
  • Afterstories for each romantic ending, following up after the semester ends


Himeka Uchida

A second-year high school student. She's cheerful and friendly, but sensitive about her height.

She has become good friends with Izumi and Kiyomi in the year and a half since starting high school. While she feels fulfilled just having friends, she has started to daydream about romance lately.

Izumi Kawano

A second-year high school student. The reliable captain of the volleyball team, though she doesn't share much about herself.

While she is good friends with Himeka and Kiyomi, Izumi doesn't share much about her home life with them. She keeps things focused on others, rather than letting anyone focus too heavily on her.

Kiyomi Ito

A second-year high school student. A track team member who always wears a jacket or hoodie.

One of Himeka and Izumi's friends. She comes off as more serious about her studies than they are, but she's not actually much more intelligent than her friends. However, her more stable demeanor can lead others to unconsciously depend on her.

Nanami Kobayashi

A first-year high school student. A bashful member of the cooking club that tends to minimize her achievements.

Having been "spoiled" for most of her childhood, Nanami feels unprepared for the challenges of high school life. Given the chance to spend time with a friendly elder schoolmate like Himeka, Nanami is willing to jump at the chance to be guided through her first year.

Atsuko Aoki

A first-year high school student. Blind in one eye, and doesn't socialize much with others.

Often mistaken for quiet or demure, Atsuko has become jaded by the way others treat her. So when someone like Himeka decides to take notice of her, Atsuko is caught off-guard. But it'll take more than a study session or two to change Atsuko's mind about what people expect from her.

Kiku Moritani

A third-year high school student. She looks younger than she is, and is known to be skilled with many musical instruments.

As the president of the school's Music Club, Kiku is as much a teacher as she is a student and performer. While she wishes she could overcome the reluctance of students like Himeka in regards to learning to play music, she is willing to share the beauty of music with anyone who will listen.

Shiori Goto

A third-year high school student. She has a regal figure and reputation, particularly due to her long hair.

While Shiori's princess-like beauty is known by many, she actually doesn't seem to have many friends that know her well. Outside of classes, meals, and studying, it's almost like she disappears from the school.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
AuthorJackkel Dragon
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Made withRen'Py
TagsFemale Protagonist, Lesbian, LGBT, Multiple Endings, Romance, Yuri
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone


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