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This game is a sequel to Blooming Nightshade, and is best enjoyed after playing that game.

Almost five years have passed since Himeka sought friendship and romance at Solana Academy. She and her friends have grown now, and have to face their adult responsibilities.

As a direct sequel to Blooming Nightshade, Flowering Nightshade continues the lighthearted romance story that began there. The player may choose to resume one of the six romantic storylines from Blooming Nightshade or begin a story featuring a new character.

This game was originally developed to be played on Android phone devices in portrait orientation. (Some phones may have display troubles on the first few bootups; use the double-sided arrow button to swap the layout until one that fits your screen properly displays. This may require several reboots.) The game may also be played on PC with a modified version of the landscape orientation GUI.


  • Free (with optional donation)
  • 6 returning love interests, with stories focusing on the transition to adulthood and maintaining long-term relationships
  • A new character and storyline
  • Each story is longer and more focused than the story routes seen in Blooming Nightshade
  • Several additional stories focusing on couples not involving Himeka

Potential Updates

  • Additional side stories


Himeka Uchida

A convenience store clerk. Cheerful and outgoing, but not very ambitious.

While she seems rather put-together overall, she is sensitive to the situation of her friends. As such, she tends to get involved even if there's not much she can do.

Izumi Kawano

A manager for a volleyball club team. Still learning to open up to others about her problems.

Having stepped out of the spotlight to focus on helping others achieve success in volleyball, others might assume that Izumi has overcome most of her old hang-ups. However, old doubts are not easy to push aside; and Izumi's old fears have found new ways into her life.

Kiyomi Ito

A software tester. She tends to get cold easily, and is uncertain of her place in the world.

Kiyomi seems to have things figured out, with a decent-paying job, a comfortable home, and a group of good friends. But her lack of satisfaction with her life burdens her all the more because of this apparent absence of things worth complaining over. It may take the help of her friends to give Kiyomi the perspective she needs.

Nanami Kobayashi

A baker's assistant. While bashful, she hides a perverted side to her.

Going against her parents' suggestion to attend university has helped to alleviate Nanami's worries of being sheltered and spoiled, but now she faces a new challenge to her maturity. Having held off from being intimate during her student days has built up a burning curiosity for the more carnal aspects of romance, an obsession that Nanami fears may mark her as a pervert.

Atsuko Aoki

A university student. While she is working on a music degree, she is still undecided on her future.

While Atsuko has opened up to people over time, she now faces a more internal struggle. She's drifted through university courses, ending up with a focus on a music degree that she isn't sure she can make use of. Seeing her high school friends getting jobs that seem to fit them, she starts to worry she'll end up with a career she isn't invested in.

Kiku Moritani

A recitalist and part-time music teacher. While successful, she worries that others ignore her in favor of her image.

Being a role model for others throughout her school career has opened up many options for Kiku, but the demands of so many different expectations takes a toll. After a lifetime of being considered exceptional, Kiku may not be ready for a world where she can't live up to the ideal others have created for her.

Shiori Goto

A dropout slowly becoming a recluse. While her game streams keep her from returning to her family home, she has little confidence in herself.

The loss of a family pet and strain of living apart from her friends and family devastated Shiori, whose grades slipped until she dropped out of university in shame. Barely scraping by in a self-imposed exile, she has convinced herself that her pain has been earned, and may no longer be able to climb out of this psychological pit on her own.

Orino Murakami

A bakery store owner and Nanami's manager. Her calm maturity masks a resilient soul that is no stranger to judgement and scorn.

Having driven away many potential lovers in her time by refusing to be anything other than true to herself, Orino was not expecting to find love with someone much younger than her. Even so, she devotes herself completely to her new relationship, planning to treasure every tender moment.

Yae Imai

The beautiful and talented vocalist for the punk rock band "Last Witness". She projects an aura of power on the stage, but seems to fade into the background when not performing.

Yae has long kept to herself, unknowingly sabotaging her ability to form deeper connections with the people she meets due to fears of rejection or judgement. As such, not even her band knows much about her personal life. But when one of her secrets is found out by chance, she may have no choice but to decide which of her friends she can really trust.

Sakura Maruyama

A cafe barista. Her introverted nature has left her with few friends and made her unlucky at love.

Sakura's desperation for companionship leads to her agreeing to a sham relationship, hoping to build up experience for when the right person comes along. However, it isn't long before she finds the ruse to be more stressful than being single. Ultimately, Sakura may have to put her heart on the line to have a real chance for the happiness she seeks.

Warning: This game includes depictions of nudity. It is not suitable for children or people under the age of 18.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorJackkel Dragon
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Made withRen'Py
TagsFemale Protagonist, Lesbian, LGBT, Multiple Endings, Romance, Yuri
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone


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