Demo v5 Release

Demo v5 sees another big change to the GUI and visual presentation of the game, as noted in the previous devlog. Hopefully this change will make the game look and play a lot better, especially on Android phones.

Aside from that, this demo finally sees a full route for Kiyomi! I feel like this version of her story works a lot better than the scrapped storyline from v1, so I hope it was worth the wait. This build also includes the ending of Orino's route, so it's a great time to play her storyline if you've been putting it off.

The full details for the new demo:

Changes/Additions for Demo v5:

  • Further UI updates and base resolution increase (see previous devlog for details)
  • Full routes for Orino and Kiyomi
  • BGM temporarily removed from most scenes to prepare for upcoming changes to BGM files
  • A number of small fixes

Planned Upcoming Features (Demo v6 onward):

  • BGM placement, using new tracks and returning tracks from Eldritch University
  • Full routes for all seven love interests (Remaining stories: Atsuko and Shiori)
  • Bonus routes that focus on couples not involving Himeka (subject to change)

I hope people enjoy the update!

(No bonus section on behind-the-scenes stuff this time. I'm planning on posting something like that sometime soon, but separately.)


Flowering Nightshade Demo v5 (APK) 89 MB
Jan 30, 2021
Flowering Nightshade Demo v5 (PC-MAC) 110 MB
Jan 30, 2021

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I really, really wanted to play the latest demo but the android version keeps on going to this sort of black screen that shows some coding.. And whenever I try to 'ignore' 'rollback' the thing so that I can continue, the app crashes. What do you think should I do? 'BTW, I'm using an android device, Huawei Y6 2018.

It's strange that it's happening on a non-Samsung device... It's my understanding that Ren'Py currently has a known issue with newer Android phones, but I thought it was a Samsung-specific issue. Hopefully Ren'Py is updated to fix the issue soon, because I'm not sure if there's anything I can do on my end to fix the issue faster. I may need to just rebuild the Demo v5 APK once the issue is fixed in Ren'Py...

I'm afraid I have to report some pretty game breaking bugs in the android version.

So first off, even though the game is now in landscape view, which I like, the screen still forces the device into portrait mode, causing the game to be religated to the middle third of the screen making it hard to read anything cause it's all so small.

And second, if you exit the game, and then try to start it up again, it just goes to a black screen so if you want to even try playing it again you have to uninstall and reinstall it.

I hope you can fix this stuff, I really love this game and was excited for the GUI changes..

What kind of mobile device are you playing on? The orientation shouldn't have changed between v4 and v5, so I'm a bit confused as to what might be happening. (Phones are still using portrait mode, while tablets will approximate landscape. The aspect ratios have changed, but not the basic layout.)

Also, I read that some people with the newer Android devices can barely get Ren'Py games to run after the 7.4.0 update. The developer of Ren'Py is working on a fix for 7.4.3, but since 7.4.2 just came out it's going to be at least a week or so before the hotfix comes out. Sounds like I may need to come up with a way to re-package v5 when that patch comes out... (I've already started implementing changes for v6, but if the game isn't playable then I should try to put a playable version out, one way or another.)