Demo v5 Hotfix Release

According to some reports, Demo v5's Android version had issues on some phones due to some recent changes in how Ren'Py handles rendering images. I'm told that most of the issues should be fixed in the current release of Ren'Py (7.4.3), so I've uploaded a hotfix APK that was packaged with that version. (Note that I didn't have a versioned backup of the game files for Demo v5, so some changes leading into v6 may have slipped into this hotfix.)

If you were affected by the issues in the previous version, try this one out and let me know if the issues persist. I've not had the reported problems on my test device, so I can only look into the issues further if people let me know.

At any rate, I hope this hotfix will help more people experience Demo v5, and that the problem will be fully fixed by Demo v6. Enjoy the game!


Flowering Nightshade Demo v5 hotfix (APK) 99 MB
Mar 09, 2021

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The screen still gets forced into portrait mode, making the game real small.

I know alot about porting renpy games to android, if you'd like I can try to fix this issue.

In what way is the screen getting forced into portrait mode? The game is supposed to be in portrait mode on Android devices, but it should be using a layout that was designed for portrait mode. Are you playing the game on a phone or a tablet?