Demo v2 Release

I was considering putting off the release for a little longer, but I think the current build should be a good demo build to show how the game has changed since the initial release. Hopefully future updates won't need such sweeping changes to the structure of the game the way this one did.

Changes/Additions in Demo v2:

  • Route selection changed significantly. After playing the prologue, the player picks which route to start from the title menu. Each planned route is a continuation of the romance route for that character from Blooming Nightshade. (Friendship routes may be considered later as separate stories.)
  • Importing of side pairings from Blooming Nightshade has been removed. (Will most likely be replaced with bonus stories about the side pairings later.)
  • Nudity toggle added (replaces nude portraits with underwear variants if nudity is turned off).
  • Dialogue background setting added. The player can now switch between the default textbox and a "subtitle" format.

These stories are available in Demo v2:

  • Prologue
  • Izumi*
  • Nanami*

* - These stories may be expanded in future builds.


Flowering Nightshade Demo v2 (APK) 70 MB
Feb 08, 2020
Flowering Nightshade Demo v2 (PC-MAC) 77 MB
Feb 08, 2020

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