Working toward release version, p4

Only a few weeks left to this year's Yuri Game Jam, and once again I've fallen a bit behind in working on the game. However, I do have some updates to bring up about the next demo build and what will come after.

First of all, here's what has been done since Demo v6 so far:

  • Wrote new weekly events for all sections of the game. This includes four potential side couple events.
  • Created a new logo for the title screen.

And here are the features that are being worked on, but probably won't be in Demo v7:

  • An "afterstory" event for each romance ending. (The plan is to have it appear in the scene gallery once that girl's ending is seen.)
  • A new weekly event (not related to side couples).

Lastly, some long-term goals for after the game jam:

  • Character Art
  • More weekly events? (Two characters have only one potential side pairing right now, so I may want to create events for them.)

I was planning to release Demo v7 soon, but I've been having trouble exporting the Android version of the game. Hopefully that will be fixed before the end of the game jam, but I don't have an estimate on that just yet.

At any rate, I hope people continue to enjoy the game!

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