Working toward release version, p3

It's been a while, but since I need to wait on art for my main project and this year's Yuri Jam is coming up, I decided to try to put some more work into this game to hopefully provide a more finished product. We'll see how it goes, but hopefully being part of two years of the Yuri Jam will be enough to finish this game.

As for progress so far, here are the things that have been fixed/added in the development build since Demo v5:

  • Final (?) fixes to the week counter
  • Added feedback on how many unique weekend events each girl has left, and whether Himeka is dating them or not
  • (Tentative) Added a scene replay feature on the main menu. All weekly events assume Himeka is dating no one, and all girl-specific events assume Himeka is dating that girl. Placeholder scene titles ("Week B1", etc.)

Things that still need work:

  • Art? (Portraits and Title Screen)
  • New events for the weekly random event lists, including side pairing events
  • Implement "jealousy events" (if Himeka is dating multiple girls, one can find out and force Himeka to choose between them)
  • Either an additional date event with each girl, or an "afterstory" event that can be viewed after clearing that girl's ending (leaning toward the latter)

I don't have a new demo build ready right now, but I may release a new demo as soon as I clean up some of the new features.

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