Working toward release version, p1

It's been a while since the last update, but I've been working on the game on-and-off for a bit since the last demo. Still a ways off from having the character art ready, but I've been working to get the rest of the game together. A few things that I've been working on since Demo v4:

  • Izumi's date events revised based on some feedback. The changes aren't too major, but hopefully her route seems better paced now.
  • In most cases, Himeka can no longer start dating a character if they're dating someone else already. (Still thinking on how to handle this for some characters.)
  • Fixed the week counter to always display the correct week. In addition, the number of playable weeks remaining is listed.
  • Not sure if it'll stick around, but I added a feature I internally called "spectator mode". A choice in the first weekend event allows the player to skip all weekend choices, making it easier to see more of the weekly events in repeat playthroughs. I may lock this mode until the player completes at least one romance ending, though.
  • Added the framework for a "jealousy event" system. This gives two-timing a potential consequence, where one of the girls Himeka is dating might approach her and force her to pick between the two.
  • Started working on ideas for "post-release" updates. For the most part, these involve new weekly events. The total number of weekly events will probably double if all of these ideas end up in the game.

Depending on how long it takes for the portrait art, there might be one more demo before the "full" release build. At any rate, I hope people are enjoying the game!

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