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Version 2 Release
A little while back, I created an updated version of Eldritch Academy that was released as a "beta" on Steam. This version tries to fix some of the pacing issue...
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Eldritch Academy on Steam!
Eldritch Academy is on Steam, and will unlock in less than 12 hours! Steam Link To celebrate, the game will also have a 10% sale here, to match the launch disco...
Eldritch Academy Demo Now Available
For those who may be on the fence and would like to see what the game is like before purchasing, a demo of the first section of the game has been added to the s...
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Eldritch Academy Released!
As of today, Eldritch Academy is available for purchase! Monsters have begun appearing at night in the old “restricted building” of Solana Academy. After di...
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Eldritch Academy Releasing in January
After about five years of on-and-off development, Eldritch Academy has a potential release date: January 4th, 2019 . Unless any game-breaking issues are discov...
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