Version 2 Release

A little while back, I created an updated version of Eldritch Academy that was released as a "beta" on Steam. This version tries to fix some of the pacing issues with the game, particularly early on. Since I've yet to see any issues come up with the Steam version, that build is now available as an optional download here.

It's been a while since I worked on this build, but the major changes should be:

  • Several Act 1 scenes have been trimmed down or removed. This particularly affects the repeat fights.
  • The last three date choices (Act 3) are now automatic based on which route you are locked into. The Act 2 ending scene now reflects the locked route for all routes, not just the special route.
  • All partner choices have been removed as redundant. Fights and investigations will now be the same in all routes, and thus can be skipped more easily after finishing one route.
  • With the reduced number of choices in Acts 1-3, those choices no longer affect the paired endings. Getting a paired ending now simply requires two correct choices in Act 4, while failing this will trigger the Nightmare ending.
  • Numerous tweaks to dialogue to reflect these changes.

Hopefully these changes will make it a bit easier to get into the game, since a lot of the "filler" content is now gone and the impact of choices are a bit more clear. Let me know if you spot any bugs or errors caused by the changes, and please enjoy the game!


Eldritch Academy [RELEASE 2 - PC-MAC] 158 MB
Mar 17, 2020

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You thinking of releasing this on Android?

Since it was made in Ren'Py, I probably can export it as an APK. The current UI is not very flexibly coded, though, so Android players would have to deal with a UI designed for PC. I suppose I can release an experimental Android build to see if there is interest and work from there.

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Sounds good if you want I could be a tester for it to make sure it works to how you want(only if you want tho)