Version 3 Release

The long road to version 3 is over! With this update, Eldritch Academy can now be played with the new art, music, and script. Some highlights of the changes:

  • Character and event art redrawn to match the style of Eldritch University
  • Custom music in the same style as Eldritch University
  • UI adapted from Eldritch University and a widescreen aspect ratio
  • Improvements to the script, particularly in removing filler/duplicate scenes and making the choices feel more organic

(More information on the changes can be found in some of the devlogs from during the process.)

Note that your save games from previous builds will NOT be compatible with the new version! (Not even the v3 beta's saves are safe.) The underlying code has changed too much to promise that old saves will load, so you will have to start a new game to see the changes. However, a lot of the persistent data (particularly ending completions) should carry over.

Still want to try the old versions? They will remain available for now, accessible in the following ways:

  • Steam: Open the "Betas" tab and select the desired version. The game will then "update" to that version.
  • Download the ZIP or APK for the desired version and re-install.

I hope that this update is fun for both new and returning players, so let me know what you think! And if there are any bugs, let me know and I'll look into patch fixes when I get the time. Thank you for supporting Eldritch Academy!


Eldritch Academy [RELEASE 3 - PC-MAC] 182 MB
Mar 02, 2022
Eldritch Academy [RELEASE 3 - APK] 156 MB
Mar 02, 2022

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