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The nightmare is not over.

Kasumi Kawamura just wants to get through university while rekindling her relationship with her girlfriend. But not long after she arrives at school, a strange epidemic starts to infect the city, causing the afflicted to have terrible nightmares and lose the motivation to live their lives. Coinciding with the appearance of this "Nightmare Syndrome", an old wound that Kasumi thought healed starts to burn and cause frightening visions to those around her. Caught in the center of this situation, Kasumi and her friends try desperately to find a solution. Yet all the while, Kasumi wonders if she might be to blame...

The full game is in development. A demo of the first section of the game is available now.


  • A horror/romance visual novel with multiple endings. Kasumi's decisions determine whether she finds a way to end the nightmares or succumbs to them. And even if Kasumi survives, she may damage her relationship if she isn't careful...
  • Continue not only the story of Eldritch Academy, but also the story of the amateur paranormal detectives Shizuka and Yuri from the Shireishi anthology of short stories.
  • A collection of bonus scenes taking place after the main story. See how the main characters recover from the ordeal and try to move on with their lives after the nightmare.


The demo consists of a large portion of Act 1, up to the scenes that include the first potential bad ending. Bonus features are not available in the demo version of the game. There is no final audio in the demo version.


  • Kasumi Kawamura: The protagonist and main viewpoint character. Kasumi spent much of high school being regarded as an airhead, which has led her to try to act more mature... with limited results. She tends to be friendly and outgoing, making friends easily.
  • Misaki Asahara: Kasumi's girlfriend. They were forced to break up years ago when her mother discovered the relationship, and the events that followed have changed Misaki's outlook on life. While she was once extroverted, she now keeps to herself; with only Kasumi and a few close friends to keep her company.
  • Shizuka Hirose: A young woman who had once trained to be a police detective. Many are turned away by her imposing demeanor and strict sense of what is right. However, she is utterly determined to protect others from the supernatural, having seen the danger of such threats.
  • Yuri Tachibana: A young woman who is fascinated by the supernatural. As a friend of Shizuka, she seems to be the polar opposite: she is often cheerful and approachable. However, she is prone to becoming obsessed and rambling on about what she is interested in.
  • Hinata Watanabe: A girl in some of Kasumi's classes that has a mischievous sense of humor. She looks younger than her age, to the surprise of many.
  • Hiroshi Suzuki: A boy in some of Kasumi's classes. He's a bit of a goofball and doesn't take much seriously, though he is easily flustered.
  • Minoru Kiyomizu: One of Misaki's professors. While he seems to do well at his job, he is seen as rather laid-back compared to some teachers.

Warning: This game includes depictions of blood, gore, violence, and nudity. It is not suitable for children or people under the age of 18.

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